Build Your Own Pool Table

  • How many times have you thought to build a pool table but you didn’t know how?
  • How many times have you searched for information on the web to build a pool table, but the only thing you found was how to make a heavy and overpriced pool table that didn’t meet your requirements?
  • How many times have you dreamed about playing pool with your friends despite the fact that you didn’t have the required space for a pool table?


It’s time to get over all these obstacles and make your own pool dining table.

Now, after a meal with your friends you can play a game of pool on the table at which you have eaten a while ago! All you have to do is put the dishes away and convert the table in a pool table!

Required for the construction:

  • Basic DIY skills.
  • Basic wood processing tools.

In the ebook you’ll find:

  • Detailed information for the dimensions of the pool table and the room it will be placed as well as the way by which you will adjust the table’s dimensions to the ones of the room for which it is destinated so that you can play free.
  • Detailed build pool table plans and pictures for the construction and assembly of all the table’s parts.
  • Instructions for the transformation into a dining table.All that in an easy-to-understand book explaining all working stages step by step.

It’s time to make one of your dreams come true.

To buy the ebook click on the button under the book’s picture. After that, you’ll be directed to the paypal site. Follow the instructions provided and once you’ve completed the payment procedure, you’ll be redirected here where you can find information about the way that you will receive the ebook.